Working my way through the Hugo nominees – Mantis Wives

Mantis Wives – a short story by Kij Johnson

I read this story two days after reading James Tiptree’s Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death, which has a similar theme – not a good move. I initially did not like “Love is ..Death” as I found it too intensely emotional, but wow, that emotion leaves an impact. Reading Mantis Wives immediately after that is like eating a baked potato without any condiments, Mantis Wives has an intriguing theme,  it features some great use of words. It lacks an emotioanl punch though, presenting more of an intellectual picture of the horror of the situation. In thoery, I like these kind of stories, but it is hard to appreciate abstract torture right after your heart has been pulled out of your body. I may have to come back to this one.