Vlad Taltos series

This is a high fantasy series set in a feudalistic world. Vlad Taltos is a member of a minority group who ends up joining the mob, due to the usual social forces. He rises in the mob organization, at the same time he meets some of the powerful nobility of the Empire, and has adventures with them which involve finding the lost heir, discovering a powerful missing sword, and saving the world from demons. In later books, he questions his life decisions regarding crime.

Each book can be read independently. The author enjoys playing with structure, so books will have mixed timelines, horror tropes, clues in the chapter titles etc. Some books will work better than others due to this for different readers, I personally hated the Dumas-style section in Tiassa.

The books contain plenty of sarcastic dialogue and asides. They are a lot of fun to read.

At some point in the series, Vlad gets married and then divorced. I found the description of the divorce, so rare in genre fiction, to be very well handled.

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